Colorado Horsecare Foodbank

Do horses hold a fascination, allure, or enthrallment for you? In the company of horses we find sanctuary, exhilaration, and companionship that compares to nothing else.

For many Coloradans, when stocks, finances, and employment tanked in 2008, horse ownership turned from a tranquil and fulfilling pastime to an economic burden that is threatening the existence of an important relationship between horses and their owners.

Since its inception two years ago, Colorado Horsecare Foodbank has received hundreds of pleas for help from people who were making a meager wage to those making six-figure salaries. Their horses live in backyard pastures to fancier stabling facilities, but all equally love their equine companions. No matter the situation or circumstance, some horse owners need help to feed their horses.

Like dogs and cats, horses are an important of a family, but obviously they require more food and upkeep than other pets. During the winter months, horses need to pack on the pounds for warmth and health, and it’s the time of year when Colorado Horsecare Foodbank needs your help more than any other.

Your generous, end-of-the-year donation ensures that hay will be provided to horses whose owners are struggling financially.

The rescues are full and horses are not selling. Many owners are facing the heartbreak of having to part with their horses through other unthinkable options.

Thank you for standing with Colorado Horsecare Foodbank and being part of the meaning for this holiday season in the spirit of giving and caring! You can donate online, or mail your check to 5178 South Elk Ridge Road, Evergreen, CO 80439.

Warm regards,
Colorado Horsecare Foodbank
by Juliana Lehman


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