Outpouring of Help for Freckles

From Jan……
Dear Friends in Horses, I am overwhelmed today by the outpouring of generosity on behalf of Freckles.  I just left his side….he is a sweet boy…but sooo thin. I have attached pictures. He is one step away from animal control seizure.


When I told Eddie I had 6 bales of alfalfa and a bucket of rice bran in my car he started to cry….he was so grateful…then he told me Freckles had not eaten since yesterday.  If I had not been there today, Freckles would not have eaten today…..

I told him how several people stepped forward to donate money for feeding Freckles and that we would have enough to feed him for a month, so we can get his weight back up.  On Tuesday I will get Stable Mix Senior to supplement the horse’s feed regimen.

After spending time with Freckles and enjoying watching him dive into his 2 flakes of alfalfa, I returned home to find an email from a retirement rescue willing to take him for life.  I immediately called Eddie to tell him that if it comes to that, Freckles has a home to go to. Freckles has equine angels lining up to support him…..and it is one of those days in Rescue that truly overpower me emotionally…there is so much pain in Rescue , but there is so much joy and so many miracles too.  Today is truly miraculous, thanks to you!!!!


You have the undying gratitude of a 30 YO QH who now knows he will not go without a meal. And an owner so grateful, he wanted to know how he could repay us. I told him that he cannot repay us….that these are gifts of love from people who love and protect horses in crisis. As I pulled out of the drive, he told me all of you will be in his prayers tonight.

I will keep you posted on Freckles progress.  They have been together for 20 years, and I knew as I stood there in his presence Freckles would not want to leave Eddie.  At least not right now.  So for at least the next month he has feed. We pray Eddie gets the job he has been searching for and all this will go away!

Thank you again for your love and support of horses in crisis. What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift!
For the horses,

One thought on “Outpouring of Help for Freckles

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