Horse whisperer gentles PMU weanlings – foals in training, CT

Nearly 6,000 foals leave Canada each year as a bi-product of the hormone replacement therapy drug, Premarin. As their mother’s urine is collected on the pee-line, the foal’s destiny is even less bright, unless saved. Equine Angels & Ray of Light Farms, CT celebrate the arrival of 10 weanlings, while Anna Twinney of Reach Out to Horses arranges the FIRST foal gentling clinic of this kind. Follow the foal’s first week in training.

These foals have come a long way since their arrival at the farm in late October. Anna Twinney has guided students to successfully gentle the foals who previously had little to no human interactions. Now the foals are learning to accept being approached, touched, groomed, haltered, led, have feet picked up and picked out, among other things; and are learning that working with people can be a positive experience.


One thought on “Horse whisperer gentles PMU weanlings – foals in training, CT

  1. Fabulous, I switched from Premarin to a synthetic med. when I found out the horror for both the Mare & her foals. Trying to spread the word.
    You are a Terrific person & what U R doing for our horses & Mustangs is greatly appreciated by ALL animal lovers. Bless You!!!!

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