An Updated BLM Roundup Scheduel on The Cloud Foundation Blog!

Updated Roundup Schedules

This winter BLM plans to roundup 9107 wild horses and burros and remove 6,244 of them. After that they plan to roundup 5,548 wild horses in the summer and remove 4,502 of them- total of 14,655 rounded up and 10,746 removed for fiscal year 2010. On top of the $75 million BLM is asking Congress for (basically half to roundup these horses and half to feed what will be over 45,000 in government holding, BLM is requesting $42.5 million to purchase private land in the East to house captured, sterilized and separated wild horses. This is part of the absurd “Salazar Plan” that has been met with close to zero public approval and is likely not within the legal abilities of BLM. Over 24 million acres have been taken away from wild horses and burros over the past 40 years and those lands must be returned to the horses and the horses released back onto these “zeroed out” herd areas. Call on Congress to Rein in BLM Spending! 

Click Here to go to their Blog and do all you can to save our mustangs!


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