New Equestrian Television Network Launching March 2011

Press Release – November 1, 2010

New Equestrian Television Network Launching March 2011

Houston, TX – Boot Media LLC today announced that plans have been finalized for the roll-out of its new horse-focused and country lifestyle television network, and had chosen Houston, Texas as the first local television market for its flagship channel. With more than 5.9 million residents in its seven-country metropolitan area, Houston is the country’s 10th largest television market, and contains one of the most diverse and concentrated populations of horses and horse people in the nation.

Bypassing costly national satellite distribution, which still reaches only a minority of general households in the United States, the company is syndicating the new 24/7 equestrian and country lifestyle network with rifle-shot accuracy into clearly identified high “horsehold” television markets.  The network defines horsehold markets as those having high ratios of horses to people within a 100 mile radius of city central.  Horseholds encompass urban, suburban and rural areas.  In Texas and California alone, the number of homes in just 10 top horsehold cities exceeds the total homes subscribing to the leading satellite provider.

By creating local affiliated channels in each city it serves, the network will build close relationships with its audience, advertisers, and members of the local horse communities.  A key component of the network’s commitment to each market is the allocation of four to six hours of free weekend airtime to clubs and organizations in the local horse community.  The time can be used at their discretion for show and event broadcasts, meetings or other equestrian activities. Sponsorships of local events will also be part of the ongoing commitment in each market.

Following Houston, the network will continue its roll-out to cities already identified throughout Texas and California, as well as to other horsehold television markets from coast-to-coast. It will be available to any station or cable system in the United States.  For those with no local television access, it will also be accessible on the Internet.

The new digital channels, which are received via OTA (over-the-air) at no cost, can be easily accessed with small antennas available at familiar consumer outlets such as Best Buy and Radio Shack.  Many of the televisions manufactured in the last couple of years now have built in components which eliminate the need for an antenna or converter.

Working closely with the network, company licensees in each television market having extensive knowledge of the local equestrian communities will be responsible for promotion and marketing.

On the advertising front, the new horse and country lifestyle network will provide lucrative opportunities for national ad campaigns targeting horsehold markets, especially when regional or local outlets are concerned.  Yet, primarily it will be advertisers in the local horse community who stand to benefit most from the very low-cost, rifle-shot medium now available to them. The opportunity for direct-to-consumer home shopping by local retailers will also provide a potent new marketing resource for the sale of products and services.

For content providers, there are no buy-in cost requirements.  Advertising time within each program is reserved for their own use.  The network can represent content providers as a broker in generating their ad sales if desired.   Each program receives five different time slots throughout the week;  product sales are allowed within the context of each program.  Content from around the world is also being licensed by the network.  Since many of the horse programs seen on television via satellite in recent years have not been viewed by the vast majority of their potential viewers, the network provides another distribution tier for such content.

Specific station and launch date information for the network’s Houston’s debut and nationwide roll-out will be announced soon. It’s anticipated that the launch will coincide with the beginning of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo™ in March, 2011.  Not only is this three week event the world’s largest rodeo, but it also hosts an important series of horse shows and a significant vendor exhibit for the 1,000,000 annual attendees.

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2 thoughts on “New Equestrian Television Network Launching March 2011

  1. FABULOUS!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!
    This is soooo great for our Mustangs, Horses, Burro’s & keeping the Equine family together. There are so many FB Websites to help our 4 legged friends, that I don’t know which ones to go to first? This, we will all go to as we Equine Enthusiasts need to unite… YEE~ HAAAA !!!

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