Your Donation CAN save Shep’s LIFE!!!


Subject: German Shepherd Rescue

Hello Friends,

I don’t normally reach out like this please excuse me if I write this in a time of economic or emotional stress for you and your family.

I was recently approached by another client/friend with a request Nancy Sharmach a local women that wrote for the Ocala Star Banner and was a volunteer for the Humane Society as well as some other animal welfare organizations passed away in her home. During the last years of her life she was struggling with diabetes and dementia therefore was not the animal mommy she had been prior in her life.

Since she had no children and a very small family there was no place for Shep a 5 year old neutered male german Shepherd to go. They were going to take him to the Marion County Animal Shelter (Kill Shelter) he has some health issues and I knew they would euthanize him quickly. He is such a sweet boy. When the paramedics got there he was laying over his mommy licking her face and stepped aside to allow the paramedics to help his mommy.

We took him in and planned to foster him until adopted through the local german shepherd rescue. The rescue won’t accept him because he is positive for heartworm. I cannot afford to pay for the heartowrm treatment nor do I have the time for the intense care needed through the treatment. I would like to bring him to The Humane Society of Marion County (no-kill shelter) with enough money to donate so they cannot say no and he can get the right care. Since he has been with us he is up to date on vaccinations, nails clipped on a good food and lots of love & outside play time.

He is VERY sweet and what we have seen is he is good with children, cats, other dogs and horses and deserves a chance.

If you can give anything or know of anyone that could give $10-$20 every little bit helps. So far between Nancy’s friends and my friends/contacts we have about $175 the Humane Society will probably take him if we can get together about $400 total.

If you can help please send to:

19185 NW 88th Ave Rd
Reddick FL 32686

I will make sure all your names are mentioned in the donation and update all donors to his progress. If he is not accepted at the Humane Society I have other feelers out there so please make check out in my name not Humane Society I will give back all money if we cannot get him into a facility or place him with someone that can give him the care.

I have included a few pictures of him

Thank You

Daneya Mitchell



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