You are never too old for Natural Horsemanship!!!

Poco gives Anna a Rave Review


Hello Anna,

As I was waiting for Poco to finish his huge mash last evening, I was watching one of your dvds on Natural Horsemanship on my portable dvd player.  As I got up to do a last minute mucking, I placed the dvd player on the stool I was sitting on and faced it towards the inside of the stall so I could see and hear it.

Poco stopped eating and went over to stall door and proceeded to watch your spook busting video for several minutes.  I ran to my truck and got my camara and managed to get a couple of cute pictures of this.  At 30 years of age, I am so glad to see Poco is very interested in learning…. or maybe he was enjoying the process of everyone elses learning curve who participated in the dvd!  I’ll get the pictures off to you as soon as I can.

Happy Trails,

Love & Light,

Mary Robustelli




I thought you would get a kick out of that!  Until I figure out what hardware to put in the stall Poco and the pony share so they can eat independantly, I have to sit and wait for Poco to finish his enormous mash while the pony finishes hers in a flash.

They share the stall (it’s enormous) so I sit in the ailse after my work is complete with Poco’s door open and figure out ways to use my time effectively so I meditate, do energy work on the horses or myself or long distance, positive affirmations, etc…..then I thought of your dvd’s to watch as well.  It just warmed my heart when I saw Poco watching while I picked up the latest deposit on the stall floor.  I knew I just had to get my camara.  I try & keep it close at hand between the new kitten & the horses antics.  So glad you enjoyed it.

I don’t know how to put the pictures on the computer so I may have to print them out and send them snail mail unless I can have someone show me how to do it and get them to you soon.  Will work on it!

Keep smiling!



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