Sisters MASTER Reiki

Good Morning Anna,

I wanted to let you know that Karen and I had our first Level 1/2 class this weekend. We did a Friday/Saturday class and had 5 students! We were so blessed and had a great time. The ladies in the class were so great also to provide us feed back and their enthusiasm was awesome!!

We used the lesson plan we got from you and made it fun. It feels good knowing we sent 5 wonderful/powerful ladies home with the confidence that they can do this. In fact 2 of them have already emailed they have done 2 sessions on family members and all they could say was WOW!

Thanks again Anna for the training and guidance that you provided us. Please tell Vince that we used the group medizations and they loved it!! I am pretty sure at least 2 of them will be buying them as well!

Karen & I have kept in touch with both Margaret and Amy. We have a monthly Reiki Share at Margaret’s house and last Thursday was one of the most intense sessions I had ever had but sooo needed to prepare for our class!

I hope all is well in your world and hope to one day soon cross paths again if nothing more than to have a cup of tea and swap a Reiki session!

Cindy 🙂
Usui Reiki Master
Evergreen, CO


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