Burned Mama Dog Needs Your Help




Anabelle was abandoned in a pen with two nursing puppies in Laurens County, SC.  She is a 1-2 year old Australian Shepherd.  The original rescue group that went out to help her contacted us to help. They thought she had been shot based on the appearance of holes in her skin.  She was covered with maggots from some injury.  For people that don’t realize this, it is because of the maggots eating all of the dead tissue and infection that she was still alive.  Anabelle was cleaned up and taken to the vet but this was way more than they could handle.  After going to the vet, her skin began to peel off in sheets. Her entire body was taken over by a horrible infection. We now realized what we were dealing with.  Someone had poured acid all over the back half of this poor mama dog.  She had been in excruciating pain for about 6 days before this was discovered.

We had her picked up at the veterinary hospital last night and taken to the Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Columbia, SC where they are equipped and qualified to deal with this type of injury.  The doctors worked all through the night to keep this wonderful dog alive.  I am happy to say, she is stable but will need every prayer and every penny we have to save her.  She will be at the surgical facility for about four weeks.  She is anemic and will probably have to have a skin graft and possible transfusion but we are determined to save this beautiful girl.  Her two surviving puppies are in foster care.

I cannot emphasize this enough, do not look at the picture if you have a weak stomach.  Look at the great dog at the top and just know that she needs our help.  I have chosen to only put one graphic picture of her on her web page.

Please help us,
help her by donating.


We are a 501c3 and all
donations are tax deductible.

Thanks for caring and helping us save these wonderful animals.



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