Dynamite Marketing’s Tips on How to Treat Dog Flu, Protect Dog Paws in Winter

MERIDIAN, Idaho–(BUSINESS WIRE)–December 28, 2009–

Dog flu, similar to human flu, is among the hazards that face dogs in winter. Damaged dog paws in winter are another frequent concern.

“If your pet has dog flu, fasting is as normal for him as it is for you when you are sick,” notes Callie Novak, vice president of Dynamite Marketing, which has been producing pet food and nutritional supplements for four generations. “Let Fido rest while he recovers from dog flu and don’t be alarmed if he loses his appetite temporarily while he recovers.”

Other winter pet hazards include rough snow and ice that can tear dog paws in winter and rip noses that are pressed to the ground to follow a scent. Novak suggests smoothing Dynamite’s Wound Balm on dog paws in winter before a trip outside and replenishing it as needed. It also helps prevent icicles from forming on dog’s feet.

“The key is to remember that dogs in winter, like humans, need adjustments in their health care routines,” Novak added. “Some dogs don’t like to go outside when it’s cold. If your pet is not as active in the winter, it’s important to adjust the dog’s diet. Too often people wonder why their dogs have gained weight over the winter.

“If a dog does go outside frequently in cold weather and snow, it actually may need more food,” she continued. “Both dogs and humans burn more calories when they are walking through snow. Dogs also need more fuel to keep their body temperatures up in cold weather, as well as protection for dog paws in winter. You have to be aware of your dog’s lifestyle. Don’t just get into the rut of ‘This is what he always eats.'”

Nutritional support when a pet is recovering from dog flu includes water a probiotic such as Dyna-Pro and electrolytes such as Dyna-Spark. “Our Ultimate Dog Food also is very easy to digest for a pet that has dog flu ” Novak added.

Dynamite products are available through more than 4,000 individual distributors across the country. All products use only natural ingredients and are made in the United States for quality control. Dynamite’s recently developed Ultimate Dog Food is an uncooked, minimally processed dog food that does not need to be refrigerated. It is a favorite of raw dog diet advocates.

Additional information is available at http://www.DynamiteMarketing.com or by calling 1-800-697-7434.

Note: Photos are available upon request.

Read more: Dog Flu, Damaged Dog Paws in Winter Among Seasonal Hazards for Pets at SmartMoney.com http://www.smartmoney.com/news/pr/?story=PR-20091228-000263#ixzz0c5wopZ0u

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