The pup is still alive, for now, but she needs a rescue.

She gets along with other dogs, walks well on a leash, is 8-10 months old, spayed and current on vaccinations.  Has been at the shelter for some time and they euthanize when they need space or determine that a dogs is unadoptable due to the amount of time in the shelter with no one interested.

So, I’m still looking for a rescue group.  😦  CO Aussie Rescue said no.  HeRD of Wyoming doesn’t have space.  Never heard back from Snow Capped GSD.  I told the lady in NM that if it becomes an emergency, I will take
her on a temporary basis until she can get in with a rescue group.
If you can help this beautiful baby dog contact Linda Fox at (303) 912-7999.

One thought on “The pup is still alive, for now, but she needs a rescue.

  1. I just found your website from a person on Twitter who decided to follow me. I was finding out about her when I saw your site. I saw the post about Baby Dog and that it was Jan. 8th when it was posted. I hope somebody rescued her. Please tell me if she is ok and has a home. I love animals and take in strays, (cats mostly), but have a dog now that was a stray. I can’t take any more because buying food and paying vet bills has become really hard, but I just have to know what happened to Baby Dog.

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