ROTH new Foal Gentling DVD Filming

If you haven’t heard, Anna traveled to Ray of Light Farm in East Haddam, CT to film, in partnership with Equine Angels Rescue Sanctuary, the new Reach Out to Horses Foal Gentling DVD series, scheduled to come out in mid 2010.  She worked with some beautiful foals rescued from the Premarin manufacturing farms in Canada.  They were some of the most precious, special and smart little guys and girls she’s ever worked with.  One was even fortunate enough to be adopted at the end of the filming week!

And the DVD series is going to be just as special as the foals.  This isn’t going to be a just another “horse video”.  We have brought together an INCREDIBLE group of professionals to make the best, state of the art, documentary quality, instructional video tool you will ever see.

When you see what this collaboration has created, you will be as blown away as we are.  This is a must have tool for anyone working with, training and gentling foals.

Thanks to Ray, Bonnie, Mum, and then entire crew for an amazing experience. You are all the BEST!


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